• Category: Activated Carbon
  • Packaging: 55 lb s bags, supersacs, carbon vessels
  • Website: ocanasorb.com

Ontario's source for activated carbon

We offer a wide range of highest quality, Canadian-made, activated carbons to solve virtually any adsorption problem. No matter what the application - whether it's gas phase, liquid phase or process application we can offer a solution based on knowledge and experience.

We manufacture and distribute coconut shell, coal, and some wood-based carbons in granular, pelletized, and powder form. Specialty activated carbons have been chemically treated or coated to remove compounds from gas streams and some liquid phase applications, chemical adsorption and/or catalytic reaction. Formulations have been developed for removal of specific contaminants such as Acid gases, Ammonia, Amines, Alcohols, Aldehydes, Formaldehyde and Mercury.

Low-cost, OCANASORB adsorbers are widely used for short-term or long-term air and water purification. Available in drum canister, F.R.P., carbon steel, stainless steel, and pressures up to 150 PSI. Easily installed units permit high flexibility in most any treatment system design.

Today's research continues to indicate that the best, most effective method of removing odours, irritating vapours and broad spectrum of contaminants from areas is through the use of activated carbon filters. You can find a wide variety of air purification equipment for residential, commercial and industrial use. Our selection includes portable air purifiers, panel adsorbers and deep bed carbon systems.