Product Utilization Seminar

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This course is to familiarize employees how to deploy and react when a spill happens. Covers areas such as sorbent selection, each configuration in your spill kit and best way to minimize risk, environmental impact and downtime associated with spill cleanup. The result is common sense training that develops awareness, confidence and capability of the employees who will be on the scene of a hazardous materials spill.croppedimage430280-Spill-Response-Kit-Dalton-Inter

Areas that will be discussed:

1. Introduction
2. Due Diligence
3. What to do in the event of a spill
4. Available spill response products
5. Selection of a spill kit
6. Demonstration of spill response equipment
7. Hands on use of spill response products by attendees:
– use of Oclansorb
– use of Gap Seal
– use of Containment booms
8. Question and answer period



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